About Digital Television

By order of the Federal Communications Commission, the last day of analog television transmission was June 11, 2009. All television stations in the United States now broadcasting only in the digital format, including the eleven television stations at Sutro Tower. For more information on the national transition to digital TV, go to www.dtvanswers.com

Viewers who rely on off-air reception (no cable or satellite) need a television receiver with a digital tuner or a converter box to convert the digital signal to analog for viewing on an older analog only television.  A new TV antenna may also be necessary for digital reception. Digital TV from Sutro Tower is broadcast on both VHF and UHF channels.

For more information and assistance on digital conversion go to www.dtv.gov or call 888-388-2009.

Digital Conversion at Sutro Tower

The Sutro Tower digital antennas are located at the top of the transmission tower.  Two auxiliary antennas serving 5 stations each are installed between 380 and 560 feet up the tower. A third back-up antenna for KGO is at the 180-foot level.

As part of the permit for installing the digital antennas, Sutro Tower, Inc., reinforced the tower to accommodate the new equipment and to upgrade the structure to current wind and seismic codes for essential facilities.

Outmoded analog antennas at the top of the tower were removed in 2009.

Sutro Tower light sky