Top Ten Facts

1. Sutro Tower is 977 feet high, with a base elevation of 834 feet, so its highest antennas are 1,811 feet above sea level.

2. The Tower’s three legs are embedded in 15 million pounds of cement.

3. The Tower is made of 3.5 million pounds of steel.

4. The Tower opened on July 4, 1973.

5. From 1949 to 1973 there was a 588-foot tower nearby, but it did not provide a clear television signal to many parts of the Bay Area.

6. A two-person cage elevator takes workers up the Tower.

7. Emissions from the Tower are measured regularly at 200 nearby locations, and have never reached or exceeded safety standards for radio transmission.

8. Independent engineers inspect the Tower regularly to ensure safety.

9. The Tower’s colors are white and “aviation red”.

10. The Tower is not open to the public.

Sutro Tower Configuration

Sutro Tower diagram
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